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Bring­ing the Aloha Spirit to Your Smile

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aloha family dentalAloha ! Wel­come to Aloha Fam­ily Den­tal where serv­ing your family’s com­fort, safety and health is our num­ber one goal.

Born and raised in beau­ti­ful Hawaii, ‘Dr. Wayne’ brings the “Aloha Spirit” to den­tistry in his state-​of-​the-​art office located in the El Dorado Hills Busi­ness Park.

A grad­u­ate of USC School of Den­tistry, ‘Dr. Wayne’ caters to each patient’s indi­vid­ual needs in a skilled, gen­tle and car­ing manner.

Come visit ‘Dr. Wayne’ and his ded­i­cated staff where you’ll find the den­tist office you’ve been look­ing for.

Aloha Fam­ily Dental

Bring­ing the Aloha Spirit to Your Smile

Open Mon­days thru Thurs­days — 8am-​5pm

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(916) 9412447 Phone
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1020 Sun­cast Ln, St #103
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

El Dorado Hills Busi­ness Park, Entrance #2
One build­ing up from Golden Hills School
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